• "When you come alone with the Ojas approach, it really rang a bell in my heart!
    Thanks to the Ojas technology and field created by the Ojas practitioner, my house and studio became like a living organism able to deal better with strategies and energies as in my job. The clinic is always clear and patients can feel it! I really felt the difference, literally hour by hour when you were doing the Ojas treatment! This is for us not only something we will be forever grateful for, but we also believe that goes in the same direction the world needs. The world needs to empower people to make better choices and Ojas is definitely a good choice."
    Dr. Dominique Hort

    “Energy is not merely an abstract theory, but it is something you can work with and make experience, starting with the body and mind. Chi Kung has  trained my mind and body to perceive and open the natural sensibility of the human being to the flow of energy. Personally, I had very clear and significant experiences with the Ojas energy. I could feel the clear effects of this energy. For me, if I have to give a definition, it is like a coherent energy very much in tune with my Martial Art practice. My house has always been treated with the Ojas products for the last 10 years. I really wish you all the best for the future development of your mission.”
  • "Just one hour ago I finished a very intense seminar in this studio, and of course there were many things going on, intensity and energy was moving around. Now you can feel that the energy is already clean, it is fine not stagnant, optimized clean neutral harmonious energy. This is the Ojas energy treatment! It is amazing, a monumental achievement!"
    Dr. Didier Ber
  • “After I moved into the new clinic, I was feeling overwhelmed with strange tensions and unusual emotions; we thought everything was due to the stress of being in a new clinic but it was not. Thanks God you came soon for the Ojas treatment of the place. I clearly remember that morning I was not feeling good and slowly during the day with the progressive Ojas treatment, my energy and feeling was expanding and improving, and by the evening I was literally happy in a totally new ‘perception mood’. The Ojas team worked for 12 hours and I could really feel the subtle transformation in the quality of the energy. Finally my new house and clinic was really in tune with my energetical and spiritual requirements. Many thanks to the Ojas harmony system. The new place became my nest!”
    CINZIA GHEZA, Therapist
  • “As a doctor in chiropractics and a practitioner in kinesiology, I see hundreds of people with different pathologies. I need a place with a very high order of energy and clean vibrations. I come across the Ojas energy system thanks to other Swiss doctors. After the activation of the Ojas energy field, immediately I felt a great benefit together with all my colleagues and secretary. I know it may seem ridiculous, but really many patients declared to feel a good energy in the place thanks to the Ojas products. I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to complete the full Ojas certification for my studio and house.  A few years have already passed by and I have to say that the quality of the energy is still superb. I am really happy about the Ojas treatment and I really liked the professionalism of the Ojas building biologists.”

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